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Why was this old lady so thankful? (tears?)

It wouldn’t seem like such a big deal for most of us – but she thanked us with tears in her eyes.

Don't go by her smile - Enecia was very happy with her new floor. (older people here don't smile for photos.)

The Rosenberger group (Light and LIfe Mennonite Church) from New Mexico was here for nine days and we poured cement floors for widows who lived in cornstalk shacks with dirt floors.

The dirt floors could never be truly clean, were damp, and bugs and spores were free to come up through the floor.

The concrete floors are SO much nicer, drier, cleaner and healthier.

To reach these “houses”, required walking up very steep paths, quite a long way. We couldn’t get materials delivered there, so we had to premix the cement on the road and put it in bags, put bags in the pickup, drive pickup partly up the road, then carry the bags the rest of the way. Unload. Repeat.

This lady isn’t a widow but her husband is blind. He tries to earn money by going to the field with his cane on one hand and a hoe in the other. Quite sad, and they really hardly have enough food to eat.


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