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“The $40 Bed Project”- still growing!

. . . Good Christmas Gift –  more than 1,100 children in our one village must sleep on a cold, damp dirt floor? The same in the other two villages we serve.

Not having a bed to sleep in, even a simple wooden bed, is not only uncomfortable, it causes many respiratory problems and sicknesses.

We started “The $40 Bed Project” with the goal of providing at least 300 beds before the end of 2009. We are not sure where all the funds will come from, but the Lord knows and He will provide. So far, we have a few teams coming to do the work and we will work with local people to teach them how to help us make these beds.  Because each family must contribute 13 hours of work, they will use those donated hours to help make beds for other poor families.

All we are lacking is the funds. If you, your Youth Group, Church or any other friends would like to help, simply click on the Donate tab and you can donate online.

  *Update: As of November 30, 2009 we have made 157 beds!



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