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Roadside tire repair shops. (Don’t be fooled by appearances)

Common type of roadside tire repair, some advertise auto repair, too.

They don’t look like your local Firestone or Goodyear store, and the Pep Boys are nowhere in site.

But if you have a flat tire along the road, you would be so glad to be near one of these road side tire repair shops.  In some areas, along particularly bad roads, you will see one of these every 1/4 mile. These guys can do almost anything with just a few tools. Most advertise 24-hour service, and charge only a few dollars.

In the larger towns and cities, they have tire stores that are just like in North America, but along the rural stretches of road, which can be very rough, what you see above is what you get.

**Business idea would be to come up with a plan to create a sort of franchise, or co-op marketing group. Visit each one of these guys and see who seems to be a bit better or sharper than the others, with a minimum set of skills, tools and capabilities. Choose about 25% of them to participate in some sort of co-op effort and give them a sign that identifies them by your brand. (the new brand name you make up, say… Super Llanta (Super Tire) or  Super Vulka. [they use the term vulcanizador for tire repair; also the word vulca or vulka] Then visit them each week and sell supplies and collect your franchise fee.  They can call in when they need a special part or tire. Then drivers who need service would be more likely to go to a SuperTire place, knowing that it meets some minimum standard and has some minimum capabilities. Drives could call SuperTire if they break down and need to know where the closest SuperTire is located. Benefits the tire guy and the driver who need service. (And the co-op maker – you?- would have created a little business.)  The easiest way to do this is along a rough section we drove, about 5 hours in length.


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