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Paco – our main ministry worker – grave heart condition

Paco is the husband of Rosario, who has worked with us in the clinic for ten years. We rely on Paco so much, and he is in the hospital in serious condition, with an enlarged heart; endocarditis.

Paco is the super-dynamic leader of the Boy/Girl Scouts, leading activities and teaching and training upwards off 200 children each weekend. Paco’s children, Alejandra and Paquito, wife Rosario and three local village volunteers do all the work. Paco does in-home ministry visits to the villagers, too. He is loved and respected by all the villagers.

His condition is serious and if he lives long enough – another two weeks – he will then need more tests before he can get the surgery he will need to repair a heart valve.

Please pray for Paco to recover, and that his family will somehow have the financial resources to survive; Paco is basically the only wage-earrner for the family. We are helping as we can, but we can’t support the entire family.

We really need to raise funds to help Paco’s family and to help pay for his heart surgery –  about $5,000. 

 A small amount for heart surgery that will save his life, but a huge amount of money to any Guatemalan family.


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