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My First Kidnapping

Dear Friends, I had told you, and so many others, that I would have the complete story of my kidnapping ordeal posted here on this website.

But, it has been such a hectic week. I am sorry, but the story is only half-written and I decided to wait until it is complete before posting it.

My excuses/reasons for not having posted the story are:

a. I have been suffering from splitting headaches and feelings of being massively overwhelmed and not thinking so clearly, b. We have a group of medical professionals here, and I need to make sure that we are taking good care of them as they provide important and much-needed assistance in our clinic, c. I am trying to find a few extra minutes of time to spend with my wife Anita and our children, to discuss the ordeal and give assurance, d. We are working so hard at getting the clinic construction finished, in time for a dental team coming on Tuesday for three days.

So, I simply have to ask your forgiveness in not having the story posted to this web site. I will try to have it here on Tuesday March 26; I will be able to finish it on Monday night.

Thank you for all the prayers and support - we appreciate it and it has meant a lot to our family and to me. Don't worry about us - we will be fine!



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