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Marta’s horrible hospital visit (screaming)

Short version of a longer story which we’ll post later. Anita took Marta to the hospital. After a one-hour runaround, and not allowed at the emergency room, then being told to go to this department, then that department, then another.. the doctor said he would see her in the emergency room. He was very gruff and rude and stuck a catheter in Marta and she started screaming with pain. The doctor said that it wasn’t a problem and would feel better soon.

The parents and Lety started crying to see Marta in such pain. Anita said the doctor would not remove it even though Marta was screaming and literally yanking her hair, pulling her hair out.

So she took her out of that hospital to a doctor we know, Dr. Oscar, in another town. He removed the catheter and immediately the pain left and Marta stopped screaming.

Ultrasound seems to indicate that Marta has a severe infection which is producing fluid that is “leaking” out. This Dr. Oscar also found out something that none of us had known, not even Marta’s parents. When Marta had surgery to remove that huge stone (see post below), they discovered that her bowels were “stuffed” to the point where she couldn’t have a bowel movement. Stuffed with worms! So they had to cut open her bowel and remove a large amount of worms.

So we are going to de-worm her family next week. More than likely, they have been using and drinking dirty water because their water has been shut off. Next week, we hope to get her water re-connected again.


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