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Dentist with ‘happy’ Patient

This five year old doesn't look too happy, but she benefitted from the dental care.

This five year old doesn't look too happy, but she benefited from the dental care.

Dr. Orth the dentist comforts his ‘happy’ patient in the clinic.  The villages have no access to dental care, so we’ve had some really unusual cases. Several people with teeth growing out from high up in their gums and what seems to be like in the roof of their mouth. (my explanation) Incredible. The dentist is treating these as best he can, even cutting out tissue and doing very complicated extractions. The people are very grateful. I could post more photos, but some are a little “drastic”.

Michelle, a dental hygienist who is on the dental team spent many dedicated hours over two long days, doing dental cleanings, looking for problems and assisting the dentist. Thank you Michelle, we and the patients appreciate all you do!

Some with dental problems  just WILL NOT STOP CRYING. <click


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