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Marta must return to Hospital – now!

Marta (little girl who had stone removed) is leaking urine and she may need another surgery on her bladder. It’s really important that she get the hospital asap. 

But her Mom said  can’t take her because there is nobody to watch the other 7 children. Taking her nursing baby with her is also a problem because the hospital won’t let her accompany Marta inside the hospital areas with the baby. The father said he won’t take Marta, because “it’s too boring to wait at the hospital”.

So Anita and Lety are going to take the Mom and Marta, with the baby and the other youngest child, and the 10-year old will stay and watch the other children.

We hope that when Anita gets to the house, that the Mom hasn’t changed her mind. Yesterday, the Mom said that a neighbor said that her son had the same problem, that it just healed up and so there is no need to go to the hospital. So Anita asked that the neighbor come over and explain. (great move on Anita’s part) Turns out that the neighbor’s son had an appendix removed and of course there was no correlation to Marta’s surgery.

We’ll post a followup story on Marta.


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