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Marta Lydia – owner of that huge (kidney) stone

We went to visit 8-yr old Marta Lydia who had that huge stone removed.

We confirmed that it was a bladder stone, not a kidney stone. Marta now has a huge scar along her waist from the surgery and has indications of possible pneumonia. Also she’s leaking urine – perhaps the surgery wasn’t done just right. If she isn’t better in two days, we have to get her back to the hospital for another surgery. Marta is the girl with the white tshirt, in the photo.

Anita giving medicine to Marta

Anita giving medicine to Marta

Marta’s mother has 9 children, an alcoholic husband who doesn’t work, no running water to her two-room house, and her roof is so full of holes that the one room fills with water when it rains.

We want to raise $120 to help her get running water again; it was shut off after she couldn’t pay the $2.88 per month – need to pay the 7 months and buy and install tubes. And fix the many holes in her roof. She and her children work very hard just to get some food to eat, yet they are always hungry for lack of food.

See the red flashlight hanging on the wall in the upper left side of the photo – she uses that because they have no electric either (they simply have no money at all). We give them some food every week now to help.


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