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Little Burn Victim

It’s a blessing to be able to provide general health care to thousands of indigenous families in “our” villages.

But so many times, the patient’s situation is so sad. Here, Dr. Efraim cares for 2 yr-old Victoria who had fallen backward into a pot of boiling corn. She was severely burned, and screamed nonstop.    The Mom was instructed on how to do some of the care, and we insisted that she bring the child in several times a week.  After a few weeks, Victoria  started to heal.   In some cases like this, without the clinic care, people endure extreme pain for long periods of time and some die due to infection.   

Victoria did heal with the proper care.   

Many homes are no more than cornstalk shacks with dirt floors and the cooking fire is on the floor – so unfortunately many children do suffer from burns.


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