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Is this the world’s largest kidney stone?

This huge kidney stone came from an  8 yr-old girl, Lydia. It was removed by surgery on Sunday night. It is almost one inch in diameter – it’s enormous!

Lydia’s mother had taken her to the hospital  several times with no satisfaction or help. She then brought Lydia to our clinic on Thursday; Lydia was incontinent.  The clinic manager quickly arranged an appointment for the mother to take her daughter to a pediatric urologist on Monday, the cost paid by us.

But on Sunday, the girl started to have terrible, terrible pain. She tore off her clothes, thrashed about and was jumping up and down crying.

The mother was able to get someone with a pickup truck to drive to the hospital. She was examined and immediately given pain medicince and sent to surgery.

Their family situation is very sad in their family – the mother has nine children (two others have died), and the father is an alcoholic. We’d like to see how we can help the mother. Update Feb 24th – we clarified with the doctor.. it was a bladder stone, not a kidney stone.


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