Guns and Banks

Went to the bank today.

Red graphic sign on door says NO GUNS ALLOWED. Sounds like a good policy, right?

Well, what they really mean is that if you do bring a gun into the bank, you can’t take it up to the teller window. But you CAN come in to the bank with a gun, so long as you put it in a little gun locker. The gun locker, get this, that they keep at the bank of the back to hold the guns that people bring…. in…. to… the bank!

While I was there, a guy walks inside the bank with a gun in his belt, takes it out and puts in the gun lock box and takes key. The proceeds to the teller counter. Nobody seems to think it is strange to bring a gun inside to the bank- despite the warning sign.

“Gun Control” was the topic in today’s paper. By that, they mean they want to pass a law limited how many guns a person can carry at one time.  They want to limit it to “only” three.

I guess that’s progress.

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