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Drunk husband, 6 kids, small shack, no roof

She came into the clinic today holding back the tears. After her 5th child, she separated from her abusive and always-drunk husband. But he came back, beat her up and raped her and she became pregnant with her sixth child.

Learning of the pregnancy, she said she had wanted to commit suicide, but had second thoughts. Then she wanted to abort the baby, so she went to a lady in another town who charged her for three “abortion” injections (which is a local fraud/scam).

She had the 6th child, a wonderfully healthy girl and she said she couldn’t live with herself if the baby had been aborted. She’s now separated again from her husband and went to live with her father, but there was no room for her and six children, so her father said that she could build a house at the back of his property. She scrounged together some cornstalks to make some walls and now lives in a little cornstalk shack with a dirt floor and… NO ROOF! She said she’s been begging in the village for something to make a roof for her and her children, but everyone says that they can’t help her.

We’ll try to get donations to help her.

Remember her tonight, and remember what we so easily take for granted.


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