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Dental Team comes to the Clinic

We and the villagers are always so excited and blessed when we have dentists come and provide dental care – we are the only facility for dental care in the area.

It’s particularly nice when Dr. Don Orth and his wife Peggy, an RN come to the clinic – they’ve volunteered many days over the past few years. Their cheery personality is a perfect complement to their professional skills and passion to help others.

They are coming today and tomorrow and will also have a dental tech with them.

Dozens of patients, more than can be attended to in two days, have signed up for an appointment.

The total lack of dental care has taken a hard toll on these people, who can’t afford to go to a dentist even if one was nearby. Many dentists that come to our clinic are horrified at the terrible teeth problems they see.

We will post photos and a short story tonight, after Anita gets back from the clinic. (she will take a few photos)


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