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CyberCafe – in rural area!

Internet cafe beside rustic tire repair place.

Internet cafe beside rustic tire repair place.

Along a rough stretch of rural road, we came to a village and were surprised to see a Cyber Cafe with Internet.

Beside it, in the blue “building” in this picture was another of the many, many tire repair places.  This one is named “Talacha”.  I thought the clash of “technologies” looked interesting. Hey, who knows, ‘Talacha” might have a  MySpace page and twitters away the day.

When I was writing books about the Internet back in 1992 to 1997, and only 19 million were online at the time, I had written that over 60 million people would be online by the year 2000. I think the number turned out to be higher, and in 2009, Internet users are estimated at 1 billion!  I tried so hard to eveangelize for the Internet beginning in 1992 when hardly anyone, not even “Talacha” knew what the Internet was. Now here we are, in 2009, and in rural Mexico there is a cybercafe beside a tire shop.  Life is so great and interesting!


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