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Crazy 3-hour Ordeal to Give Blood

Anita went to the hospital to go with Karen to give blood because Luis must have blood donated or paid for before they will do his surgery. If a patient can’t bring in people to donate blood, then the patient has to “hire” someone in the parking lot – people stand around waiting – and pay them $50 to go in to the hospital and donate blood. The villagers in our area only earn about $80 a month, so paying $50 per unit (and Luis needs two units) is a very real hardship.

At another hospital Anita had been told that because she is over 50 (barely) she is “too old” to donate blood; her blood is too old or too tired.

Anita decided to go and try to donate anyway. Besides it’s never a good idea to travel alone, so Anita wanted to give Karen a ride and be a support to her anyway.

The full details will be posted here tonight, but for now, it was a 3 hour ordeal complete with odd instructions, strange procedures and old-wive’s tales.

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