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Cold Day. Busy Week.

It’s cold today. Overcast, gray. And windy. Electric was off for two hours this afternoon.

Busy week ahead. * Marta’s family: roof, water, Marta’s infection

* Make formal complaint to Department of Health and the Hospital about awful actions of the doctor who mis-treated Marta * Work at school in our village to continue to get the kitchen built * Go to city and review various building materials. More advanced and more selection than we have in San Lucas. * Help to finish unpacking and get organized in the house so that is behind us * Meet with Evangelical group regarding the permit to import containers of donations free of all tax. * Get license plates for truck. Have to sell that big truck. * Get daughter’s passport visa renewed. Some holdup on that, she has to go in person. * Make application for our permanent visas. It’s an 8-month process and I dread all the paperwork. * Fix roof in part of our house that is leaking and, the other part that is about to leak. * Track down mail that was to have been forwarded. * Get tires for one of the pickups (worn bald, and leaking air) * All the medical clinic issues that we will deal with, including finding out what happened to the man who fell off cliff and can’t feel his legs. He called to say that the hospital wouldn’t admit him (they have to admit him, by law), but then his phone went dead and we haven’t heard from him.

And, deal with many things that will come up that we don’t even know yet.


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