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Can we help Lucia, 9, live?

Lucia has lymphoma. She had chemotherapy a year ago and the cancer seemed to be gone, but has now returned and she needs chemo again. This requires that she and a parent go to the hospital for three days each week for eight weeks. This costs more than the father earns, so they have no way to pay and no apparent way to save the girl’s life

There are five other brothers and sisters. The mother’s opinion is that it’s too expensive to go back and forth from the hospital and stay there, because there would be no money for food to subsist on; she thinks it’s best to just let Lucia die. The father is very much in favor of taking their daughter to the hospital and doing as much as possible.

Hands of Hope has decided to pay the expenses of going to the hospital, and some allowance for the family to have food. This is about $30 a week for the eight weeks.

If you’d like to contribute to help Hands of Hope to help Lucia, you can donate


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