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Big ‘thank you’ to so many!

(Yet another moved to Guatemala after only being here part-time for a while.) We  are now at our house in San Lucas. We have so many people to thank, because they made our trip so much better. Many people prayed for our safety and many did other nice things for us, to make our trip easier and better.

Thank you all.  This reminds me of how smushed together we were for 12 days.

Thank you all. This reminds me of how smushed together we were for 12 days.

I chose this thank you picture because it reminded me of Anita and I – like “two peas in a pod” – crammed into the truck cab for 13 days!  [If you haven’t spent 13 days sitting all day 2 inches from your spouse, I highly recommend it. You either have a nice time together, or one of you gets out and flies home!]

– Kirsten and Paul: thanks for your kindness, the send-off dinner(s) and prayers. And, muchas gracias for the gift of food and snacks for the trip. That was so nice of you.

– Contolini Family: not enough room here to say enough thanks, but muchas gracias for the prayers, the wonderful “honeymoon suite”  you allowed us to use, the wonderful and famously-tasty Iditarod Bars you made. And the cards and the great blog comments. We miss you and hope to see you sooner rather than later in Guatemala.

– Cheri Q , Jeff L, Leslie, Leiers , Trisha, Bob & Maggie, Mary B, Sharlene W., our parents, and our super children, and all of  the dozens of you who followed us on the blog and left comments. It was nice to know that there we had friends out there who kept us in prayers and on their mind.

– Bob & Maggie for being such super supporters of all we do and try to do. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to do what we do.

– Trisha Z. for being a great cheerleader and fundraiser for years.  Hugs to you, too.

And a special thanks to Stan J. who helped us to remodel the house, then get it ready to sell. He only charged us a tiny fraction of what we would have otherwise had to pay which helped us so incredibly much. And Stan worked so hard all day, on a cold day, to “super-pack” our moving truck. With Stan’s help, we got a 40 ft container’s worth of stuff in our 24 ft truck.

So many great folks out there who financially support the clinic – and your donations gave us the courage and ability to keep going, when we didn’t know what we would do. So thank you to the Brad and Anne J. family, and to the Dave and Robin S. family, and to Dave and Kathy M. family and Marjorie W., and the H. Foundation (they want to stay anonymous) We know there are so many good charities to give to, so we especially appreciate your kind and generous support. 

Thanks to all of you out there who cared and supported us in many different ways. BUT DON’T CHANGE THAT DIAL – lots more photos and stories will be posted each day.


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