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My head got Shop-Vac’d; Flowbee anyone?

It feels odd and weird to have a ShopVac vacuum cleaner sucking hair off your head.

I had my hair cut by a guy at a franchise haircut place, KidsCutz. I had met the owner 10 years ago and have seen his stores, many locations now, flourish. Nice enough place and low price.

After taking a very long time cutting with a somewhat-dull scissors, the guy says ok, I’m done, wait just one moment.

He then reaches under the counter and brings out a small Shop-Vac vacuum cleaner and starts to vacuum my head. Not with any attachment, either, just the round end of the short hose. It’s a small unit so he has to hold the unit in one hand, and the simple round , short, hose in the other. Does this to my head over and over for three minutes.

Very odd, and if you were wearing contacts or a hearing aid, maybe even loose earrings, I think the vacuum cleaner would have sucked them right up! (I wonder if the Shop-Vac operating manual lists “sucking loose hair off your head” is one of the suggested uses.)

Rick Hunts, inventor of the Flowbee suction haircut system.

Slightly reminds you of the Flowbee which was advertised on TV shopping ads. The Flowbee sucks up your hair into a cutting unit. See it here.

You can’t possibly care enough to read about Flowbee and it’s competitor, but here’s a snippet that I found that points out some oddities about these two companies: The Company hoped for high sales and WalMart stocked the shelves. Instead customers were confused as to what RoboCut was. The original packing showed a women using the product but also had a very large image of Robocop and sported the very controversial “Animal Tested to Ensure Safety” logo.

Many customers who bought RoboCut ended up returning it after Christmas since they bought it believing that it was a toy. (Due to the RoboCop imageon the package) Other’s boycotted the product due to the “Animal Tested to Ensure Safety” label. RoboCut changed their packaging shortly after the holiday’s to remove Robocop and change the “Animal Tested to Ensure Safety” label to read “Tested to be safe for animals”. However it was too late for RoboCut and Wal-Mart dropped the product in mid-1993 after an unsuccessful 1992 Christmas season.


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