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Luis on the floor waiting for surgery

Luis is the man we wrote about, below; a car ran over his foot (and didn’t stop). Luis sleeps on the floor in a humble house waiting for surgery, donations of blood and $215 to buy the steel pins required. Otherwise, his foot will not heal and he won’t ever walk again.

The hospital requires a donation of two units of blood, but won’t allow Anita to donate because she is “too old” (barely over 50). A family member said she would donate but her blood is too weak because she had surgery two years ago. Most villagers believe that donating blood steals your energy for a long time, so they don’t want to donate. If you can’t find a donor, you have to pay $50 a unit to a people hanging around the hospital who sell their blood. Karen, a Canadian missionary who works in our clinic will generously donate one unit of blood to help out.

Anita sat on the floor to review Luis’ foot which was bleeding through the bandage. Family members are going to try to get the $215 together to pay for the steel pins needed for Luis’ foot surgery. Hands of Hope will contribute what they can’t get together, up to $110.

The entrance to Luis’ house has a large flower arrangement, and the entrance is strewn with pine needles. To passers-by, this will indicate that someone is sick in this house, and needs prayer and help.

Large USA flag hangs on Luis' wall. He said he doesn't recall where he got it.


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